EP10 : Hear it all from an addict - An incredible journey by Tripti Bisht

Hear it all from the horse’s mouth! In an insightful episode, get a peek into an addict’s side of the story with Dr. Abhimanyu Rampal, Director, Mehar Foundation. The episode unfolds the inspiring story of how Dr. Rampal found recovery from a history of drug abuse for the longest period of his life. Not just that, also find out how he has been saving several lives with his first-of-its-kind open rehab in India. Listen to his journey – from being an addict to becoming the Director of the Mehar Foundation!

Learn about how the message of hope, love, unconditional support and acceptance without judgment fueled his true passion in life to spread hope in the life of addicts and introducing them to AA/ NA.

Being appalled at the state of the addicts in the rehabs, he made a decision to get professional training from NISD, New Delhi in the field of de-addiction. Consequently, he setup his own rehab facility committed to a treatment approach which opened up the way for addicts to find a happy, joyous and free life without the crutch of alcohol or drugs.

MEHAR FOUNDATION strives to pass the message of hope by distinguishing between the person and the disease of addiction. It is the disease (like any other disease) which the person needs to recover from and the person himself/ herself is not a criminal but a victim of this disease. The message of hope encourages the addict to see this distinction and take responsibility for their actions with a lot of self-love and compassion. The rehab provides structured and positive therapy conducted by well trained, experienced and gentle yet not enabling therapists.