EP11 : A unique way to overcome drug addiction: Narcotics Anonymous Group by Tripti Bisht

Speaking with the three members of Narcotics Anonymous Group (NA), Delhi, and attending their meeting was an experience in itself. The episode unfolds the unique concept of Narcotics Anonymous – a self-help group where addicts help other addicts to recover or stay clean. Listen to the three guests who were once into addiction and have managed to stay clean because of NA. Do not miss the helpline number given at the end of the episode which can help you save a life. NA is a 12-step program of recovery from drug addiction with the sole aim of carrying the message of recovery to addicts still suffering from addiction. NA believes that the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is beyond words. The word “Narcotics” in Narcotics Anonymous does not refer to a particular drug. NA is open to anyone with a drug problem. Find out how NA is helping addicts stay clean and live a sober life.