EP12 : Drug Addiction: Role of Counseling for Addicts & Families by Tripti Bisht

Dr. Vishal Chhabra, Sr. Consultant, Fortis Healthcare, Delhi, talks about the importance of counseling for an addict as well as the families. The episode answers questions like when should families consider a rehab, what all can counseling address, and how counseling helps. Dr. Chhabra has a rich experience of 20 years in clinical practice. He is a specialist for Addiction, Mood & Anxiety Disorders, Psychopharmacology & Neurobiology. At Fortis, Dr. Chhabra is a visiting Consultant for the three hospitals at Shalimar Bagh, Okhla, and Vasant Kunj. Dr. Chhabra also runs a private clinic called Chhabra Psychiatry Centre in Rohini. He is also the President-elect of the Delhi Psychiatric Society – the largest Psychiatrists Association in Delhi-NCR. Not only this, but Dr. Chhabra is also the current Co-Chairman of the Sub-Committee of the Indian Psychiatric Society Headquarters.

Recipient of Ravi Pandey Memorial Award (2006), WPA Fellowship in Child Psychiatry (2008), and Asian Federation Fellowship (2012), he is also on the Editorial Board of Delhi Psychiatry Journal. So far, Dr. Chhabra has published 13 articles in Indexed Journals and contributed Chapters for a Psychiatry textbook.

He is a Life Fellow of the Indian Psychiatric Society, Indian Association of Social Psychiatry, and Indian Association of Private Psychiatry. In the past, Dr. Chhabra has worked with esteemed institutions including IHBAS, GTB Hospital, VIMHANS, and Metro Group of Hospitals.

A postgraduate from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Dr. Chhabra also gives public lectures on mental health in his free time.