EP13 : Mehar Foundation: India's first of its kind open rehab by Tripti Bisht

Know about a De-addiction rehab that is one of its kind in India –

Mehar Foundation, Panchkula. An open rehab which might prove to be a game changer in the lives of people suffering from drug addiction or substance abuse. Find interesting details about the open rehab with Dr. Abhimanyu Rampal, Director, Mehar Foundation. Know about the treatment cost and details which set it apart from others. MEHAR FOUNDATION strives to pass the message of hope by distinguishing between the person and the disease of addiction. It is the disease (like any other disease) which the person needs to recover from and the person himself/ herself is not a criminal but a victim of this disease. The message of hope encourages the addict to see this distinction and take responsibility for their actions with a lot of self love and compassion. The rehab provides structured and positive therapy conducted by well trained, experienced and gentle yet not enabling therapists. Disclaimer: The views, information, or opinions expressed by the podcast guests are solely those of the individuals and do not necessarily represent those of Ek Tha Drug Addict. Any action that you/ any listener takes based on the information shared on this podcast is strictly at their own risk, Ek Tha Drug Addict is not liable for any personal losses, harm or damages – in person or indirectly – in connection with the use of the information shared on this podcast. None of the guests, producer, script writer, researcher, host, or anyone in the Ek Tha Drug Addict team, in any way whatsoever, will be responsible for your use of information shared in the episodes or posted on social media pages or a website or shared on any platform.