EP02 : Addiction Facts - India by Tripti Bisht

Ek Tha Drug Addict is a knowledge series to raise awareness about substance abuse or drug addiction in India. The podcast will bring you interviews of deaddiction experts, psychiatrists, psychologists, and NGOs among others. The whole concept is developed to connect the dots as the common masses are either simply unaware of addiction or never come forward for help due to the social stigma associated with addiction. The podcast also aims to establish that deaddiction is for real. Closing our eyes to the fact that substance abuse or drug addiction has nothing to do with us till we face it personally, is doing more harm than good. Be the change. “Ek Tha Drug Addict” has been conceptualized by Tripti Bisht, a Communications professional and an ex-journalist (retail).

Message from Tripti Bisht: “I am very grateful to ‘Ammaya Vox’ which extended its full support in production of the podcast. If you are a subject expert and want to share your views with our listeners, please do leave a comment below and I will get in touch.”